The eye – A core of the Illuminati Beliefs.

The Illuminati, a coalition of humanity’s most elite members, has safeguarded and preserved the human species since its inception.

Throughout history, its members have steered the dominant species through periods of internal strife, environmental crises, and other existential threats.

Human beings have established themselves as the most advanced and dominant species on the planet.

Every generation, through natural selection, inherits a genetic makeup that is stronger and more advanced than the previous one.

Humans evolve rapidly and can continue to enhance their abilities through learning, practice, and a commitment to self-improvement.

As individuals absorb knowledge and wisdom, some undergo an Awakening, a transformative moment where their understanding surpasses that of the majority.

They begin to perceive themselves as integral parts of a universal fabric, with a responsibility to uplift their fellow humans, and gain insight into the dynamics of wealth, power, and authority.


Those who have experienced their Awakening often liken it to the opening of their Eye.

The Brotherhood consists of individuals who have undergone this Awakening. Leaders, innovators, and other influential members have united to shape human society and guide its masses in discovering their unique place in the Universal Design.

To create a better world, individuals with diverse objectives and beliefs must set aside their differences and collaborate for the greater good.

Progress necessitates cooperation, requiring humans to overcome their inherent selfishness and assist others who may differ in appearance, beliefs, or actions.

Regrettably, many individuals are solely concerned with their own well-being and therefore fail to comprehend the positive intentions of a higher authority.

Many would prefer the planet to remain in turmoil rather than follow the path that leads to happiness.

Throughout history, humans themselves have been the greatest impediments to human progress.

For this reason, those who have undergone their Awakening recognize the need for secrecy – for their own safety and the ultimate benefit of a humanity that often does not discern what is best for it.

It is the responsibility of the Illuminati Brotherhood to ensure the continuous survival and advancement of the human species, enabling all people, in all places, to live in abundance.